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Bay Area Gig Economy: How Gigtr users pay off their credit card debt with rideshare and delivery app

We break down side-hustle best practices, as heard from our Bay Area Gigtr community

The Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to live in. If you want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in the South Bay, you’d better make close to $50 an hour — or roughly $100,000 a year — according to a startling new report that pegs all three of the nation’s most expensive regions for renters squarely within the Bay Area. It’s even worse in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties, where workers need to net $60 an hour, or about $125,000. In the East Bay, it’s $45 an hour, or $93,000 a year, according to the “Out of Reach” study released last June by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

We reached out to our Gigtr users here in the Bay Area to learn how they are using gig economy apps, and if they can create the supplemental income they require to pay off credit card debt. Here they are in their own words:

Marissa, 24. PR Manager in Campbell, California Favorite app: Lyft, Doordash I graduated from Chico State two years ago with a degree in Public Relations. I have about $20K in credit card debt I’ve been paying off for the last year. I work at a technology public relations firm in the South Bay. My salary is decent, but I wanted to put as much aside as I can for an emergency fund. My birthday is coming up in February and we have some trips planned as well. I started driving for Lyft on the weekends. I also recently started delivering for Door Dash on some weeknights. I really like the flexibility, and I would say that the money I earned so far is pretty good. I’m happy with Lyft and Doordash so far and I can see myself continuing to do them in my spare time. When I downloaded Gigtr, it gave me the flexibility to choose between the two platforms. I do think it has helped me jump on higher paying gigs. It’s nice to see which gig is paying more during the day. So far, I’ve paid off $8k from my credit cards.

Daniel, 37. Senior Copy Writer. San Francisco, California Favorite app: Uber, Lyft I racked up about $10K in credit card debt last year. I had some expenses come up unexpectedly and rather than pulling from my savings, I decided to put it all on my Chase card because of …points! Well, points come with credit card debt. Because I live in San Francisco, I thought it would be easier to drive for Uber since a lot of people here don’t have cars. That was very successful, and I was able to pay off a third of my credit card debt. My passengers then started telling me about Lyft and why they prefer it for some days, so I tried Lyft. I really like that I get tips from it. With Lyft, I paid off most of the credit card debt. I continued to drive for Lyft and Uber, usually switching between the two right around when business hours end. I’ve paid off my car and I’m also using the extra cash to pay for groceries, etc. I’ve been using Gigtr to see which app is busier. I think that’s really helped me make more extra money.

Mohammed, 33. Driver. San Mateo, California Favorite app: Lyft, Uber Eats I took a year off after graduate school to travel. I had plenty of savings, but my sister mentioned that you can rack up points from credit cards to use for future travel, so I did exactly that. I ended up with around $15k of credit card debt. I didn’t want to pay it off using my savings only and since I was just getting back into the workforce, I didn’t have a steady income to pay it off. I started driving for Lyft because my driver at SFO told me that this was making him enough income that he does it full time. I was also in starting job applications, so I needed to be flexible. Engineering interviews can take three hours. Plus, I needed to study. Lyft has been good because I made a lot of money from initial sign up. I was able to make my credit card payments plus more. Uber Eats was surprising because it’s so new – but this also makes me quite a bit of cash on deliveries. I don’t like to think about what I’ll be driving for in the evening so it’s nice to have Gigtr on my phone. It tells me how much I can make on Lyft or Uber Eats. What’s your favorite app to use? Let us know how you’ve paid off your credit card debt in the comments below.


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